Friday, December 9, 2011

Week 10

This is the final blog entry that we have to do for Family Relations. We'll see if I continue to use this blog for everyday...
This week we have been talking about divorce and what all goes into that. There are several predictors that go into why people get divorced:
religious differences
less education
parents divorced or never married
married very young
dual earner household
previous divorce(s)
money decreased

Divorce is very sad. My dad's parents are divorced, but my parents are still together. It looks like it can be a very messy thing and no one wants to get divorced. Having my grandparents divorced has not only influenced their relationship (which is that they can't even be in the same room), it has affected everyone in the family. I'm affected by them being divorced because I don't have my grandparents as a couple which greatly influences holiday times. All of my family lives in Texas on my dad's side except for my granddad who lives in the DC area. My granddad goes to Texas for Christmas, but they have to have separate Christmas' which is hard. Last Christmas all of the family went to DC to have Christmas with my granddad. It was a sad time for my grandma because she didn't see any of the family at Christmas. That is a big example of divorce has influenced me in my life. I'm sure that it would be hard to have my own parents divorced, but it's hard enough with having my grandparent's divorced.
After learning about divorce has opened my eyes to how to stop divorce from happening. We learned that there always needs to be communication and you have to try at the relationship. Having a good marriage just doesn't happen- action is involved.

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