Saturday, October 1, 2011

Week 2

I have been thinking a lot about how my upbringing was so different from other people in my class. We're all coming from different backgrounds and because of that we bring something different and maybe new to other people. Our background affects how we think. I had never really thought about this until I've been in this class.
I have grown up in the church mostly in the mission field- in Indiana and in the Chicago, Illinois area. My dad is a convert and my mother's parents are converts- so my family is still "new" in the church. Having this background and having family that aren't members of the church, has broadened my understanding of families and how different families can be. Being different from how my family operates, doesn't mean that it's bad. I had especially noticed this when I first came to college and had to live with roommates for the first time. We had all come from different backgrounds and we had to learn to understand another to keep the peace in our apartment. I think that as I'm in this class, I have to learn to be understanding and remember that we all come from different backgrounds.

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