Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week 3

This week we have been talking about how culture affects us in so many different aspects in our lives. It's amazing to see in my own life how culture as affected my life- how my everyday life focuses on my culture. I have several different cultures that make up me- or basically my family. First of all, my religion plays a big role in how I think and act- it's the biggest cultural factor in my life. Especially since I'm at school with a large population of people that share my religion. It's nice to be immersed in this culture, especially since in Naperville it isn't predominantly Mormon. My grandmother (we call her Mormor in Swedish) immigrated from Sweden so we incorporate  many traditions. It plays a role in birthdays (we always sing happy birthday first in English and then in Swedish) and at Christmas time we celebrate St. Nicolas Day, Santa Lucia, and dance around the Christmas tree and do other Swedish traditions. My culture from living in Naperville has affected me in many ways of how I think of the world around me. If we just look around we can find how everything affects us, for either better or worse.

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