Friday, October 28, 2011

Week 6

This week we have been talking about marriage, specifically early marriage. It's important that the base of the marriage is made strong early in the marriage. If the base of the marriage is weak then it can and probably will fall sooner or later. We talked in class about the pattern of the husband and wife's relationship and where the most common spots are when couples get divorced. The spots are after the after the first child is born, right before the first child leaves home and after the last child leaves home. It's good to know this information so that I can prevent this with my relationship with my future husband. Brother Williams said that we can prevent this by involving the husband in everything, so that you're working together as a team. This requires good communication skills between the couple so that they can talk about their feelings to one another. I think that you have to constantly work on a marriage to make it work and to most importantly be happy.

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