Saturday, October 15, 2011

Week 4

On Friday our topic was Homosexuals. This was a very interesting discussion and broadened by understanding. I thought that Brother Williams lead the discussion very well. I have always known my divine roles, but I had never thought how some people thought of them and how confused that they could get. I hadn't thought of why gays are that way because they've lost sight of their divine roles and how it feels in the eternal realm of things. I knew coming into the class that people aren't born with being gay- it's a choice and people can reverse their choices. One of my relatives works with people to overcome their challenges of being attracted to the same sex and it does work. People can reverse it. I also hadn't realized exactly why people become gay- the circumstances that help these feelings be manifested. I realized that I shouldn't label people because it's not helping people not become gay. I'm really just helping them become that way. This made me do a reality check and to change somethings in my life so that I can help people and not bring them down.

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